Download and print a copy of the parent letter:after prom donation letter 2018.pdf

Dear Family and Friends of LHS Seniors:

The Lakewood High School Class of 2020 Prom will be on May 16, 2020! A committee is planning an exciting After Prom party to provide a safe option for our seniors and their guests to entertain themselves after the actual dance. The After Prom starts at 11:30 pm and ends at 2:30 am.

This party is a 40-year-old tradition for Lakewood High School and is funded solely through donations and fundraisers. As we continue efforts to raise money to make this year’s party a success, we welcome any donations you can give. Donations may be in the form of time, money, food, prizes, and “gifts in kind.”

The After Prom is a committee of LHS PTA, a non-profit, tax-exempt organization. Our tax identification number for your records is 34-6001631.

Donations may be in the form of time, money, food, prizes, and “in-kind gifts.” Here is a list of ways you can support this year's After Prom.

    • Cash donations - make checks payable to LHS After Prom Committee. (Please mail to After Prom Committee, c/o Lakewood High School, 14100 Franklin Blvd., Lakewood, OH 44107.)
    • For in-kind donations, contact ___________________to arrange pick up or drop off. (See list below for ideas on possible donations for prizes.)
    • Volunteers are needed the day of the event (Saturday, May 16th). To volunteer, please go to the volunteer link on the home page:

Thank you in advance for your support.


After Prom Chairs


Things to consider for possible donations:

  1. Who do you know? Do you know anyone connected with the sports franchises, museums, theaters, or who own a business?

  2. Does anyone you know who may be able to get us a unique item, such as behind the scenes tours or private tours?

  3. Do you own a business? Home-based or other?

  4. Do you or your employer have season tickets to anything? Indians, Browns, Cavs, theaters?

  5. Is there a favorite garden store/salon/restaurant/entertainment venue/store that you are known as a regular?*Please let us know first if you wish to approach a business as we have a master list of businesses who have already donated.

  6. Are you an artist or crafty? What do you make?

  7. Did you get an item for Christmas last year you never opened? Or something else that would appeal to a teen?

  8. Do you have any gift cards or attraction passes hanging out in your junk drawer? Maybe it’s one you got at an auction that you will not use.

  9. Do you have any new, unworn Lakewood or Cleveland Spirit Wear?

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